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Blue Grass Army Depot

BGAD main gateThe Blue Grass Army Depot (BGAD) is located in the center of Madison County and covers approximately 15,000 acres with 255 acres dedicated to CSEPP.  BGAD contains 852 igloos, of which 45 are dedicated to chemical weapons.  Igloos are made of concrete, are 80 feet long, 25 feet wide and 15 feet high with 2 feet of earth covering them.  The igloos contain munitions with chemical agents manufactured prior to 1968.  There are 155mm projectiles, 115mm rockets (M-55) and three 1-ton containers.

Since 1944, the Army has safely stored approximately 2% of the nation's original chemical weapons stockpile at BGAD.  The installation is also used for the storage of conventional explosive munitions.  BGAD has 523.26 tons of chemical agent which consists of nerve (VX & GB) and blister (Mustard) agents.

The igloos contain:

  • 276.68 tons of GB in M55 rockets
  • 28.83 tons of GB in 155 mm projectiles
  • 88.67 tons of VX in M55 rockets
  • 38.45 tons of VX in 155 mm projectiles
  • 90.63 tons of Mustard or Agent H in 155 mm projectiles

Each 155mm projectile and M55 rocket contains approximately 10 pounds of agent.  There are three 1-ton containers containing GB.

Weapons Stored

155 mm projectile with 2 to 4 pounds of agent115 mm rocket with 10 pounds of agent

side view of igloo container


Chemical Fact Sheets

Nerve Agents (PDF 107k)

Blister Agents (PDF 110k)


Last Updated 9/5/2007