Preparedness Information

One of the most important things to remember when a disaster happens is to be prepared.  To prepare ahead of time, assemble a family disaster kit.  This kit should contain six basics:  water, food, first-aid supplies, clothing and bedding, tools and special items.  Keep items you would most likely need during an evacuation in an easy-to-carry container, such as a large plastic tote, camping backpack or duffel bag.  Also, have a weather radio, important phone numbers and evacuation locations readily available.

Familiarize yourself with other emergency procedures like how to Shelter In Place, what your zone is in your CSEPP community, evacuation routes for your area and where your reception center is in case of evacuation.


See below for information on how to prepare yourself and your family.

Emergency Contact Information Form.pdf

Emergency Information For Pet Owners_pf.pdf

Evacuating Yourself and Your Family_pf.pdf

Family Emergency Plan_pf.pdf

Family Supply Kit_pf.pdf

Shelter In Place Instructions_pf.pdf


: Preparedness Information